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Planning a birthday?
A hen party?
A team event?
Or something completely different?

Whatever the occasion, make your event something special with your own Private ArtNight!

Your Private ArtNight from:

£390 (for 10 participants)
+ £39 each additional person
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    You will have an unforgettable 2 hours as you create your own artwork on a 30x40cm canvas. Fun and creativity guaranteed!


    Your ArtNight artist will bring everything that you need for your ArtNight. From tablecloths and aprons to paintbrushes and canvases. And of course exciting tips and tricks to help you have an unforgettable ArtNight!


    The ArtNight can take place at your home, in your office, or in your favorite Restaurant. If you don’t have a specific location in mind, we can help you find the perfect location!


    At an ArtNight every guest draws the same motif. Choose your favorite motif from our motif catalogue. You can also choose to design your own motif using your own ideas and visions. Even a professional nude model could be the motif of your ArtNight to allow you to have a private life drawing event, perfect for a hen or stag party!

Find out more about our unique and outstanding private ArtNights:

Christmas Parties
Team events
Hen and stag parties

Find out more about our unique and outstanding private ArtNights:

Christmas Parties
Team events
Hen and stag parties

Book your private ArtNight now!

In only 3 steps we will organize your private ArtNight in line with your vision and expectations!

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What is the occasion?*


Your desired motif:

ArtNight Motif Included

Choose your favorite motif from catalogue for your ArtNight!

Motive conception +£350.00

Do you have something completely different in mind? We would love to help you develop your own motif according to your ideas and vision.

Life Drawing ArtNight +£350.00

You want to paint a real person? We're happy to arrange a life drawing model for your event.


Motif Inspiration #1
Motif Inspiration #2

Your Private ArtNight:

Price per person Price per person.


Additional services

Total (without VAT).
0 % USt.


We are ready to start organising your private ArtNight! Please fill in your contact details:

The use of coupons or discounts is excluded for private ArtNights.

Important information: Please confirm your email-address first, after your conformation your booking request is sent to us.

Request sent!

In a few minutes, you will receive an email from us. Please click on the confirmation link to verify your email address.

If you can't find the email, please make sure to check your spam folder.

You may already have an idea of a motif or thematic idea that you wish to paint at your ArtNight (eg. the art movement, artist, style). Our ArtNight artists would be happy to design a suitable motif with you. Describe your desired motif to us on the right hand side.

The goal is to find creative ways in this ArtNight to set team missions or company visions in clear view. Thanks to agreed "statements" and creative techniques every team member is connected to visions, missions and company values.

What should be the main theme of this ArtNight? (Multiple selections possible)

Further information about the food

Corporate visions or team values are often very abstract and difficult for employees to understand. Creatively capturing words in pictures helps to create understanding. To get a "picture" of something is what a Statement Painting ArtNight is all about.



make a binding booking

You already have all the relevant details confirmed and want to give us a green light in organising your ArtNight?

Once you please you're confirmed and binding booking, we'll take care of the rest. You will automatically receive an invoice and have 14 days to transfer the payment. Please note that according to our terms and conditions a cancellation of the private ArtNight is only possible on certain conditions. A change or reduction of the participants is no longer possible with a binding booking, after invoicing. In some cases it may be possible to add more participants but not to reduce the number of participants.

Please note that our life drawing ArtNights only can be held in private rooms, e.g. a separate and private room in a restaurant.

Number of participants & choosing a date

Number of participants

We don’t require a minimum number of participants but instead, have a minimum fee. One private ArtNight takes 2 hours and includes all materials, the setup and clean up, and the professional and entertaining support from an ArtNight artist for the minimum price of £390. This minimum fee will cover up to 10 participants. Every additional guest will post an additional £39.

Select a date

We will first check the availability of your preferred date. If no artist is available on that day, we will check your second choice. If this is the only day available we will immediately inform you so that you can plan ahead.


Enter the city where your ArtNight should take place. We'll show you if it's an ArtNight city. If it is, there are no additional travel costs.

However if there is no ArtNight in your city, we will calculate the distance to the closest ArtNight city and will show you how much the transportation costs would be. Generally speaking an ArtNight can take place anywhere and no distance is too far.

ArtNight location requirements

So that nothing stands in the way of your wonderful experience with ArtNight, here are a few points to consider when setting up your location:

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