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Aura Raja Semrau

Interview with our Master Artist Aura Raja Semrau

Aura Raja Semrau loves to smile and to think outside the box! Her Motto for ArtNight: Enjoy and freak out!

Get to know Aura Raja Semrau and read the interview below! Or directly get a ticket for the next ArtNight with Aura:

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What motivates you to entertain people creativly?

Aura: Transferring that life joy that art gives, and making them part of it and somehow getting them to let their emotions, joys and sorrows on the canvas!

What makes you special of being an ArtNight Master Artist?

Aura: I´m a very sunny and active person, and I like envolving everybody: I love teaching my techniques, but leaving them a bigger space to "freak out" and develop their own style and perception  of their potential and creativity.

What really inspires you about ArtNight?

Aura: I love the idea of giving a creative shade to what could be "another boring evening in your flat" sharing quality time enjoying yourself, drinking, having a snack, chatting and getting "new different inputs" but in a very productive, creative, and cheerful way. It’s a really good "social strategy" to also open yourself while concretely producing something while learning and enjoying yourself as an alternative night out.

How do your favorite painting scenes look like

Aura: Full of energy and colour, simple but easy to interpretate and that lives space to imagination and creativity

Your motto as ArtNight Master Artist ?


Which 3 words describe yourself?

Aura: SMILE - LIVE - LOVE A smile can change everything,that in life positivity attracts positivity, and having a positive approach to things happening around us can change the whole process of accepting things we cannot change and enjoy what we have, if we concentrate on what we don´t have, we´ll never have enough, and we should never forget to laugh! Live as much as you can, enjoy every moment intensly and don´t be scared about consequences of things you made chasing strong feelings, but always act in respect and love of what you have around and who you have around. Love what life offers you, be thankful for what you have and put love in every single gesture. Love the job you have even if you believe it´s not the best you could get (many people barely have one) love the life you have (many people can barely afford a healthy life and a roof over their heads) Love it´s the oil that makes the "mechanism" of this life work properly, and somehow each person living on this planet was born thanks to a love gesture.

How do you spend your time?

Aura: Depending on the moment and the mood, I love enjoying outdoor activities, painting of course, singing, doing sports, meditating, working, reading, listen to music, cooking, having quality time with friends and... Surprise surprise, i´m not a TV fan, love movies but me and my family lived without electricity and TV till I was 16, so I´ve never been a great fan and I don´t miss it in my life!

The favorite creative quote of Aura Raja Semrau:

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Erich FrommA pilosopher and socialpsychologist and for me he couln´t portray creativity better than this

In what city are you ( currently ) at home and what fascinates you about it?

Aura: I´m currently living in Berlin, moved here from London 3 years ago. What fascinates me the most about Berlin it´s the multicultural scene and the social scene. Art here it´s part of everyday life here, and I love the fact that every politicalpart, every philosphy, every work field is welcome in this place, the social working scene is incredibly developed here, startups, coworking spaces, social events. Berlin it´s the perfect city for a new beginning and developing every kind of ideas, it´s a place where even as a foreigner, I feel completely home, people here are really open minded, I believe because of the whole political and cultural scene that influenced the city after second world war, and in this of course I include the Berlin wall and the division of Berlin between East and West, and France, Russia, Britain and US. In a place where before the fall of the wall everybody felt lost and confused, suddenly the Berlin population embraced the flux of new cultures and social imputs that were born after this tragic long agony. And that´s what helped Berlin embracing life again, this is what made me fall in love with the city.

What makes you an artist?

Aura: What makes me an "artist", I can´t really give it a definition, life made me an "artist", suddenly underskin I felt like I needed a way to express my emotions and feelings, and I didn´t know how and why, but I realized while studying art (and I somehow always knew it was kind of my path) that painting was helping me chanalizemy feelings and emotions through colours and shapes, and somehow I could let people feel through my paintings my emotions, and share with them part of my heart. But it was a long introspective journey into myself!

What has led you to be fascinated about art?

Aura: Well, my mom used to paint, and somehow the lifestile we choosed to live (no electricity no TV) led em into developing my own way to be creative, when your head is not filled by rubbish tv programs, cartoons and tv series, you realize you are surrounded by an incredible beautiful world made of colours, shapes, nature, life, and with my sisters I started catching all this little things, and trying to keep it for myself by portraying it.. We also had thousands of books at home  we could study from, and learn techniques.. But it was basically observing the world , appreciating it and being fascinated by it that made me feel like wanting to catch it withcolours and brushes.

What type of art inspires you every day?

Aura: Mainly portraits, I love Vermeer and the way he catches the sweetness of the features, but my life example is Modilliani. I mainly portray people, and not just "anybody", I love to portray people who attracted my attention and whom personality fascinated me, and I kinda "starve getting to know them better and try to portray their sparkle". As Modilliani says "you can only portray the eyes of a person once you know their soul"and it´s absolutely true, techniques can help you catching the colours, shades and shadows and enrich the portray of a person, but you really need to know the person to catch the "sparkle" and give your portray life.. The world lives in the eyes of who watches it, and that´s why I love portraying.

Of which works are you particulary proud?

Aura: I have a painting in particular i´m really attached to, it´s the portrait of a friend who died and his brother, the relationship these two brothers had was above any blood "connection", they were bound for life, I started painting this canvas the day of his funeral, and some time after I decided to give it as a gift to the brother. Unfortunately I only own a picture of the painting, after the death of the little younger brother the older brother lost his mind and got mentally ill, and destroyed everything that could remind him oh the brother, and my painting got destroyed too.

Your idol?

Aura: Modilliani

Your technique?

Aura: Mixed, oil, pencil and acryl.

Which artwork hangs currently in your living room?

Aura: The portrait of my older sister, it´s an explosion of love, joy and colours.   Get your ArtNight Ticket now!

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