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Vintage Vibes: Crayon Art

Written by our ArtNight artist Kaitlyn Parker

What you need:

  •    paper (preferably something a little bit stronger than normal printer paper)
  •    crayons
  •    black acrylic paint
  •    paint brush (optional…you can also just use your fingers)
  •    sink/running water


Step 1

Choose your ‘canvas’ - which is some sort of paper for today’s project. The paper can be any size of course. Consider, for example, if you would like to create a greeting card or a framable piece of art, and choose accordingly.
Artist’s Tip: If available, try using something stronger/thicker than typical printer paper. We will be getting the paper wet later and printer paper tears too easily.


Step 2

Now the fun beings…just add color! Begin using your crayons to create some sort of design on your paper. Big, bold, abstract, and colorful designs seem to work best. But feel free to experiment and explore. Make sure to press the crayon firmly on the paper when coloring - we want a nice wax build up on the paper! Unknown-106  Unknown-108
Artist’s Tip: Your crayons will most like snap in two at some point….but don’t fret, this is a good sign that you’re coloring hard enough on the paper! Good job :)

Step 3

Once your design is complete (brace yourselves), you’re going to *carefully* crumple you’re paper into a ball.Unknown-109
Artist’s Tip: Do take care when you crumple up your paper. The purpose of this step is to create creases in the crayon wax. We want to avoid ripping the paper if at all possible. If it does happen to rip, it’s also not the end of the world. Creative solutions come from so called ‘mistakes’!


Step 4

Now grab your tube or bottle of black acrylic paint, uncrumple your paper, and squeeze some black paint out on top of it. You can spread the color around with either a paint brush or your fingers.Unknown-113Unknown-114
Artist’s Tip: I know, this part may be scary…you’re covering your beautiful piece of art in black paint. Just trust me, it’s going to turn out amazing!!!


Step 5

Once your paper is completely covered in black, go immediately to either your bathroom or kitchen, and slowly run cold water over your paper while *gently* rubbing off the black paint (please keep in mind, black paint will be washing out of the paper into your sink. Typically, acrylic washes out of most sink surfaces, but just be aware in case your sink is extra special or expensive). This step can take some time. Continue doing this until you feel enough paint has been washed away - this varies on your personal preference.
Artist’s Tip: Again, we want to be extremely careful and gentle during this step as to avoid ripping our paper. You will get a better feeling for this the more pieces you create. Also very important: do not let the black acrylic dry on your paper. Wash it out immediately after application.

Step 6

Carefully hang your wet piece of art or lay it flat out in the sun to dry.Unknown-118
Artist’s Tip: Don’t forget to clean your sink up after you are finished. It’s easier to clean if done as soon as possible.

Step 7

Once your piece is dry, you can give yourself a pat on the back - you did it!!! Now it’s up to you…use it as a greeting card, frame it, hang it on your fridge, or give it to a friend or family member as a one-of-a-kind gift! The possibilities are endless!Unknown-119

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