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My experience interning at Berlin-based startup, ArtNight

Hi! I’m Jemima, the Social Media & Marketing intern for ArtNight. Now four months into my internship, I thought I’d share with you everything I’ve learnt so far!

Where it all started…

When weighing up your options for an internship, it’s very easy to gravitate towards the big-name companies. After all, who wouldn’t want Google, BMW or Axel Springer on their CV? But the opportunities, real responsibility and true insight into the inner workings of a business leaves me with no doubt that choosing an internship with ArtNight was the best decision I could have ever made.I joined the team in January and was immediately given ownership of Customer Service and Social Media & Marketing for ArtNight. When I first started, I was introduced to ArtNight’s strategy, plans and operations and, before I knew it, I was getting involved in many aspects of the company, working alongside the founders to fully optimise events. Once I’d gotten into the swing of things, I was then given more responsibility and the freedom to choose my own projects in line with my own interests. This is one of the best things about interning for ArtNight – you are always encouraged to develop your own ideas and visions, and your input really matters! This is when I started my bachelorette parties project, or my “startup within the startup”, as David liked to call it.We all agreed that ArtNight has a lot of potential as a fun and creative alternative to a traditional bachelorette party so I took this idea and ran with it! Once I had completed my market research and defined my strategy, I was reaching out to wedding publications, apps and influencers for collaborations. This proved an immensely rewarding experience as it encouraged me to take initiative and taught me that I can achieve results independently if I believe in my ability.

An internship with a difference

At ArtNight you’re not working in an environment where the CEO is sat in a fancy office away from everyone else with your only correspondence being via the occasional email. Everyone at ArtNight works together as a team. As well as pitching my own ideas, I learn about the new projects everyone else is working on and we share thoughts and suggestions. Everyone encourages me to ask questions, reach my full potential and get the absolute most out of what I’m working on. The startup environment is one of the few places where your boss will take the time to talk to you more than just at the beginning or end of the internship. ArtNight provides a unique atmosphere where I have been able to grow and feel like I am an integral part of the team, working towards a common goal. The amount of engagement, guidance and support I have received throughout my experience has encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and think independently.The top three things I will take away from my experience at ArtNight are:1) Kill the fear: For most of us, approaching new people can be very daunting. We’re afraid of how they will react, worried about a potentially awkward situation. We need to get over it. The people around us represent new opportunities and we need to use this to our advantage. You snooze you lose!2) If in doubt, speak it out: It’s very easy go along with everything your boss says without questioning it. After all, the boss knows best! But not always! If you think you have a better idea or don’t agree with something, then say it! There’s no point doing a task if you don’t understand the purpose or deem it a waste of your time. Be proactive and take initiative!3) Time is precious: We could all spend all day every day answering emails but this doesn’t actually achieve anything. Time management and task prioritisation is key – move your focus away from time-consuming tasks that don’t drive sales.
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