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From 1.000 To 100.000!

ArtNight Facebook Event going viral!

We woke up today finding out that somehow our Facebook event reached more than 100.000 people! Over 2.900 people clicked “Interested” so far for our StreetArt Banksy-ArtNight Event. We are not sure why but we are amazed and thankful! Virality at it’s best!fb-artnight-viralUsually our ArtNights are attended by 20-30 people. We thought why not try something new and use the momentum we got. Why bring only 20-30 people together?

Why not bring 100s of people together and host the BIGGEST ArtNight painting pARTy in Berlin you have ever seen! Let’s get 500 people to attend!!

We will host an incredible party, with drinks, great ArtNight artist, lots of fun and of course your own masterpiece of art!

This is how it will work:

  1.  Get your ticket for the WORLD RECORD biggest ArtNight painting pARTy!
  2. We will search for a BIG location, organize a great pARTy and let Berlin paint!
  3. The best: You will be part of the first ever WORLD RECORD ArtNight pARTy!
 Eventbrite - The biggest ArtNight Festival pARTy

What is ArtNight?

We founded ArtNight in September! Or mission is to bring people together through art. ArtNights are 2 hour events in which guests follow a talented artist, paint, have fun, drink and socialize and are able to create their own “masterpiece”. If you have never painted in your life, that’s fine. We will show you how it’s done! You’ll be amazed at what you can create and you don’t have to be an artist to pARTy!You can find all our events on our website: www.artnight.coThe pARTy gets even crazier if you like our Facebook-page:  

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