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Turn your passion into your profession!

You are creative, extroverted and like to be the centre of attention?
You love working independently and like responsibility?
Join us and begin offering ArtNights in your own town!


Turn your passion and creativity into a career and host your own ArtNights in your town. You choose how often and when you want to work.


Our mission is to awaken the inner artist in everyone and show the world how fun painting and creating together is!


Join us and become an official ArtNight artist. Network with creatives from across Europe and meet other like-minded artists and creators.

As a freelance illustrator, ArtNights are a great secondary income for me. I feel incredibly at ease in the team where creativity and team spirit are so highly valued. I get a real sense of satisfaction seeing how much fun and joy my guests are having at each event.

Tanja Meyer Freelance Illustrator
Tanja Meyer

I became an ArtNight artist because I wanted to share my passion for creativity with others! I love to inspire and motivate people and make them happy! Each ArtNight leaves me feeling full of energy, power and positive feelings!

Zina Levina Designer und Illustrator
Zina Levina

I've painted ever since I was able to hold a paintbrush! I've improved my art, gained confidence, lots of new experiences and more belief in my work; that's why I love working for ArtNight. After many ArtNights and hundreds of different personality I've realised everyone has one thing in common - the courage to try something new!

Nina Schönian-Söllig Self-employed artist and mum
Nina Schönian-Söllig

For me, ArtNight is the perfect complement to my artistic lifestyle. The first time I heard about ArtNight I knew I wanted to become an ArtNight artist. Like most artists I often sit alone in the studio and paint. I love the social element and interactivity an ArtNight brings.

Nina Rittel Indepenent artist and workshop leader
Nina Rittel

As an artist at ArtNight I love to show the participants that anyone can be creative, with a little bit of encouragement, fun and an open mind! I love showing attendees new techniques and seeing the smile light up their faces when they get past having to do everything perfectly and just let go by trying new techniques, colours and styles.

Sarah Wagemann Artist, illustrator and Masters student
Sarah Wagemann

I became an ArtNight artist because I wanted to help people unlease their creativity. Everyone should experience the power creating art can bring - it's a state of mind and not just about the end result on the canvas.

Eva Walica Sales advisor
Eva Walica

What's waiting for you:

  • You'll organise and host your own ArtNights with 20-25 participants and show them how much fun it is to unleash their creativity.
  • We'll train you to become an ArtNight artist with our supportive coaching and give you access to our treasure trove of learning resources via The ArtNight Academy.
  • You'll become a part of our amazing (and ever-growing) European ArtNight Community - full of inspiring people just like you!
  • You'll get exclusive insights into how to create successful motifs and can develop your artistic growth further with ArtNight. We're always introducing new tutorials to help you develp and grow in our ArtNight Academy.

The Application Process

1. Apply!

Show us who you are and why you want to join us. Then we'll get to know you better in a short telephone and video interview.

2. Assist an ArtNight artist

Experience first hand how much fun it is to lead an ArtNight and learn directly from our existing ArtNight artists.

3. Your personal ArtNight coaching

We bring out the best in you and help your creativity and talent shine through with online training sessions and workshops via The ArtNight Academy.

4. Official ArtNight Artist

Network with other ArtNight artists, learn, grow and develop with the Academy and pick up useful tips and tricks.

Become an ArtNight Artist

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