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Attract new customers when you become an ArtNight location!

ArtNights are already happening in over 600 locations all over Europe. Reach new customers and broaden the offerings of your location without any additional costs. Use this opportunity and become an ArtNight location.


Our ArtNight customers will discover your venue and will remember the unique experience that you have on offer. As we promote our ArtNights we will automatically advertise your venue.


Your venue isn’t as busy on a Tuesday night as you wish it were? We’ll host an ArtNight to fill up any spare capacity, making sure you are optimising the venue space.Not only will this increase your revenue for a typically quiet Tuesday evening, but a whole new range of guests will be introduced to your venue.


We also organise private ArtNights where individual groups or companies book an exclusive event. Once you have become an official ArtNight location, you will have the opportunity to host these as well.

What happens at an ArtNight?

Existing cooperations

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What boxes does an ArtNight location need to tick?

  • Semi-private room with space for at least 20 guests
  • Available time slots for approximately 4 hours (including the set-up & tidy-up for an ArtNight)
  • Drinks and food available to purchase for ArtNight guests
  • No carpets or soft furnishings
  • You'll become a part of our amazing (and ever-growing) European ArtNight Community - full of inspiring people just like you!
  • Enthusiastic staff who are available to come to our guests to take any drinks orders

Time to start as an ArtNight location!

Fill out the application form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are excited to discover your venue!

MOXY Frankfurt East, ArtNight Location in Liverpool since 2018
Oost Bar, ArtNight Location in London since 2018
Tialini, ArtNight Location in Manchester since 2018
Royals & Rice, ArtNight Location in London since 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do guests eat and drink at an ArtNight?

    Usually most of our guests order 2-3 drinks and food from your menu as the ticket price does not include any drink or food. This also depends on how your venue and service is set up, as during an ArtNight guests tend to stay seated. This is why it is important for your staff to come around regularly to ask the guests for their drink orders as this will entice them to order more. The aim for us is to increase your revenue for days where you tend to not be as busy. We would recommend for you not to book in an ArtNight on your busiest days where you typically reach full capacity but instead on days where you are looking for more customers.
  • How much notice will I have before hosting an ArtNight?

    We typically upload our events 3 to 4 weeks in advance of them happening as this gives us enough time to sell all tickets. The maximum amount of tickets sold per event is 25. Your artist will coordinate dates in advance with you and it is entirely your choice when you have capacity for us.
  • Won’t an ArtNight be too loud for my other guests?

    ArtNights guests don’t tend to be louder than any other regular guest. But it is still advantageous to have a separate semi-private room available.
  • Are we able to use ArtNight for marketing and promotion purposes?

    Of course! We are always happy to receive social media and promotional support. In our event promotions we always mention and tag your venue account so please don’t hesitate to do the same. We can also provide your venue with marketing materials so that your usual customers can see how varied your offerings are!
  • Does the paint smell? Won’t the paint get everywhere? How do you protect my venue?

    No, acrylic paint does not smell, it is actually odourless! Our artists also bring tablecloths to minimise any possible paint or damage to your tables as well as aprons for the guests. All of the paint we use is water soluble and so washes out easily but we do ask for venues without carpets or soft furnishings just to be on the extra safe side. Hardwood, laminate or solid floors are perfect for ArtNights. If you wish to provide any additional protection for your venue that is entirely your decision but we promise our events are more Monet than Jackson Pollock!
  • What exactly do you need from my location to host a successful ArtNight?

    We need space for 20 to 25 participants and enthusiastic staff team who is ready to come around to ask guests for their orders to ensure that you are making the desired revenue for the evening. We won’t need someone supervising the entire event, but rather someone who pops in every 30 minutes. Otherwise our artist will bring all the materials needed for the event and will set everything up themselves and tidy everything away at the end.
  • Is it possible for me to do some trial ArtNights at my venue before I commit?

    Absolutely - if your artists think your venue is a good fit for ArtNights they will reach out to you to arrange possible dates. We actively encourage our venue partners to try us out and see how it works for you. We hope you’ll enjoy hosting ArtNights and will want to come back for more!
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