Olivia Huntingford

Hello, I am Olivia, a London-based artist and illustrator. My creative journey started from an early age, and has continued to grow ever since, encouraging me to start my own art business in 2015. My primary source of inspiration is from nature and wildlife, with a particular focus on pencil drawings of animals by commission. Although I studied Fine Art Photography, this degree allowed me to use photography as a tool for drawing and painting, thus contributing to further artistic exploration. I feel so lucky to be part of ArtNight, and am keen to help spread the love of art and creativity. It is interesting to hear how many people think they can't draw or paint, when actually, everyone has a unique talent even if they might not believe it. With a little help and guidance, ArtNight is a great way to build confidence and allow art to bring happiness and fun to an otherwise somewhat mundane working week. Who knows, you could be the next Picasso! I can't wait to meet you. Let's get painting... Website: www.oliviahuntingford.com Instagram: @oliviahuntingford Facebook: www.facebook.com/oliviahuntingfordart

Olivia Huntingford
Olivia Huntingford

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Future ArtNights

Classic ArtNight

  • 2 hours of fun & creativity
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Perfect for beginners


  • 3 hours fun & creativity
  • More complex motifs & advanced techniques


  • 3 hours fun & creativity
  • Smaller more personalised instruction with up to 15 participants


  • Exclusive cooperation
  • Limited number of tickets
  • Full of surprises and special extras

Watch this space - More events coming soon...