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ArtNight was founded in the fall of 2016 by David Neisinger and Aimie-Sarah Henze and hosts creative experiences. The first installment by ArtNight is all about painting. Under the guidance of an artist, guests create their own artwork in local bars and restaurants. The special feature of an ArtNight is the high entertainment factor. Therefore, ArtNights are not only fun, but also provide great opportunities to meet new people or to have a nice evening with friends. The pictures and techniques are taught in beginner friendly way so that anyone can create a great picture on their canvas.


To be the largest company for creative experiences in Europe and creatively connect thousands of people in cities big and small. In the future, it will not just be painting, as it was in the first installment. ArtNight is planning more experiences with creative crafts, e.g. collective creation of small design elements for the home, but also on topics related to music or literature. ArtNight will expand into about 50 cities by 2018 – so the ArtNight community keeps growing!


Evenings that bring people together. Evenings that are the beginning of a new friendship. Evenings that bring more life to cafes, bars and restaurants. Evenings that invite guests into venues they have never been to before. Evenings that allow artists to share their knowledge and add something to their income. Evenings that inspire imagination and creativity. Evenings that bring hidden creative talents to light. Evenings that are simply fun.

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